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EaSYTM is a ground-breaking product that increases seed yield and thereby reduces the cost of hybrid seed production. A naturally-occurring trait, EaSYTM was recovered from a diverse composite of Latin American varieties. Introgression of EaSYTM enhances seed production by 50% or more. Preliminary evidence suggests that EaSYTM hybrids are also more tolerant of extremes in moisture and temperature.


ExSelerateTM was recovered from an open-pollinated variety grown in the southern United States before the advent of hybrid corn. This native trait accelerates the vegetative development of corn. First observed under cold growing conditions, it was later found to jumpstart the vegetative development of corn even under normal growing conditions. Ultimately, the primary effect of ExSelerateTM is to lengthen the grain-filling period and thereby increase yield. Because the corn plant flowers earlier, it is also less susceptible to late season drought and heat stress. In other words, it is a genetic trait that enables the corn plant to avoid environmental stress. Molecular markers are being identified so that ExSelerateTM can be marketed in combination with the EaSYTM trait.